Saving America's Wolves in the Lower 48 States

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Save America’s Wolves

We’ve fought this battle time and time again. We can win this, but we need everyone’s help.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, under the direction of the Trump Administration, is expected to announce a proposal to delist wolves across the entire lower 48 states. That means gray wolves who are currently listed as an endangered species will suddenly lose federal protections. Just in the Great Lake States (Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) alone, there are some 4,300 wolves we can save from losing their federal protections. 

If delisting occurs, management of their species will now be at the mercy of the state in which they live. Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains (Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming) were already delisted. There has been bloodshed ever since as more than 3,600 wolves have been killed already in just those three states.

The Center For Biological Diversity is working hard to fight the delisting proposal from going into effect. The 06 Legacy supports their efforts.

The first phase of resistance consists of being ready when the proposal is announced and the comment period begins. We are in the process of gathering comments and hope to have the names of one million people who stand strong for wolves and say no to delisting.

To those who have already joined the campaign, we give you our sincerest thanks.

To those who would like to join this grassroots campaign, here is the link:

Delisting would have devastating consequences for wolves all across the country.

Join the grassroots campaign to Save our Wolves from the Trump Administration.

Delisting would have devastating consequences for wolves all across the country.

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