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Advocating for gray wolves and their ancestral lands

Who Is 06?
The 06 Legacy

Get to Know Wolves

Wolves are unique and highly intelligent creatures. They have strong bonds within their pack and are extremely loyal. They are not the cruel creatures they are portrayed to be in the media. Learn about wolves, what their status is in state populations, and why we must protect them with legislation.

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The 06 Legacy: Two gray wolves near a river

What’s At Stake

Do you know what the current legislation for wolves is in your state? Learn more and do your part in spreading public awareness.

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Make a Difference

To save the wolves, we need to change the current legislation. We are providing current information about the laws, advocates in Congress, and how you can make a difference.

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Want to help protect wolves?

Support With Time


We need advocates like you to help us save the gray wolf. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved in an upcoming mission.

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Financially Support


Your donation supports our mission to protect the gray wolf. Through education, awareness, and legislative change we can make a difference for their species and help to protect wolves for generations.

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