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The 06 Legacy is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for gray wolves and their ancestral lands by educating the public and breaking misconceptions about wolves, bringing awareness to current legislation, and creating change to save wolves.

About 06

Our namesake is the extraordinary “She Wolf”. She was born in 2006 to the Agate Creek Pack in Yellowstone National Park. She was radio-collared 832F, but was known as 06 for the year she was born. 06 dispersed from her pack and met many wolves before she chose 755M and his brother 754M. Together they formed the Lamar Canyon Pack, and 06 was the fearless and courageous leader.

06 was known for her hunting prowess. Wolf-watchers saw her take down an elk by herself on at least six separate occasions. 06 was an exceptional mother and protector. She raised three litters of pups and never lost one in its first year. This is an extraordinary feat as pup mortality is high for wolves in the wild.

At times, the pack needed to leave the park to find food. Wolves had been federally protected as an endangered species, so there was no threat of danger. In 2012, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list in Wyoming and wolf management was now in the hands of the state. Legislators there authorized the first wolf trophy hunt in over 50 years and suddenly wolves leaving the boundary of Yellowstone National Park were no longer protected.

The winter of 2012 was a bad one and elk in Yellowstone were scarce. The Lamar Canyon Pack followed the elk migration and left the park as they had many times before. On November 11, 2012, a hunter killed 754M. Less than a month later, on December 6, 2012, another hunter shot and killed 06.

Wolf pack during winter season

The news spread fast and people all over the world were in mourning for 06. She was the most recognized wolf in the world. The New York Times even published an obituary in her honor.

755M lost both his mate and his brother. The females in the pack were all his daughters, so he couldn’t father any more pups. He had to disperse leaving the pack without its leaders. Those two bullets left the family unit destroyed.

926F was just a yearling when her mother and uncle were shot. She picked up the pieces and went on the lead the pack admirably for six more years until another hunter’s bullet also tragically killed her outside the park. 926F faced so many challenges head-on and was a survivor through everything. She did her mom proud and became a legend in her own right. The pack had gone three years without a single surviving pup and sadly, 926F was killed when the pack had so much promise with five surviving pups. The pack faces enormous challenges without 926F.

Little T, 926F’s daughter and 06’s granddaughter, now carries on the legacy of 06, 926F, and the Lamar Canyon Pack.

A note from Karol Miller

President of The 06 Legacy

Thank you for visiting our website. We celebrate and honor 06 and her legacy. She is our heroine for all wolves worldwide who are killed by a bullet. We hope you will join us in working to make positive change for our country’s gray wolves. We would love to have you as part of our wolf family.

Let’s all turn the darkness from the senseless loss of 06 and 926F into energy, action, and the relentless determination to educate people about the true nature and importance of wolves. The time is now for wolves to regain their place in the ecosystem and their rightful spot in the heritage of our country. Paws forward!!

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” -Rudyard Kipling

Meet the 06 Legacy Crew

This nonprofit is supported by a passionate and committed crew of wolf advocates, without whom none of this would be possible:

Meet the Photographers

The 06 Legacy is grateful for the photographers who bring the wolves magnificence into our hearts, homes, and lives on a daily basis. They give us the priceless gift of the photographic documentation of the wolves we know and love so much.

Photographer Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones is an award winning, internationally published, professional freelance wildlife and nature photographer. His publishing credits include: National Geographic Television, Wolf Print Magazine, National Geographic Children’s Books, Endangered Species Coalition, American Scientist Magazine, National Wolfwatcher Coalition, International Wolf Magazine, Wolves of The Rockies, Huffington Post, Indian Country Today, Newsy.com (online news), Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German Science Magazine), Center for Biological Diversity, etc… Jimmy Jones shared a very special connection with 06 and captured her essence beautifully in his photographs. Please check out Jimmy’s blog about his memories of 06. Thank you, Jimmy. You keep 06’s legacy alive for those of us who knew and loved her and for the next generation to meet her. The website wouldn’t be the same without your amazing photos. We are eternally grateful.

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